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  1. MSU Loss

    That was the most improbable thing I've ever seen. Like, if literally anything else happens, Michigan almost certainly wins. Punt it, we win. Michigan falls on the fumble, we win. MSU falls on the fumble, we win. Someone tackles the MSU player that had the BALL BOUNCE RIGHT TO HIM 10 YARDS BEHIND THE LINE, we win.
  2. Michigan vs. UNLV Post-Game Thread

    The defense was a bright spot for all but about two plays. They seem to be much more aggressive than they've been in the past. The secondary was put on an island a few times but they killed it regardless -- absolutely no complaints there. Some linebacker (Gedeon? Not sure) didn't seem to pick up his guy a few plays before UNLV's lone TD, but I'd have to watch it again to be sure. The offense... Woof. Rudock is going to have to improve if we have any change of beating OSU and MSU. The offensive line wasn't getting any push in the run game against a terrible UNLV D-line. I think Smith finished with 2.5 yards per carry. Not good against a cupcake. I hope Ty Isaac gets some more carries going forward -- he looked like our best option by far today. He must be terrible at pass blocking in practice or something. Who knows.
  3. Michigan vs. Oregon State Post-Game Thread

    Is Oregon State a good team? No. Regardless, I'll take whatever wins I can get at this point. It's been a long 7-8 years.
  4. Did anyone catch Auburn vs. Jacksonville State?

    The SEC apologists are out in full force in the comment sections of every news article I read. You'd think they'd be wary after last bowl season, but I guess that's expecting a bit much of them.
  5. Angry Harbaugh GIFs

    Found these on sbnation. I'm sure they will be the first of many. Enjoy!
  6. Angry Harbaugh - Paper Throw

    Michigan vs Oregon State 2015
  7. Derrick Green - Transfer Watch?

    It's hard to say what's going on. I doubt he's happy that Smith is the clear #1 at this point, but he did get more carries (8) than Isaac (6) and Johnson (1). Green looks like he has the physical tools (size, speed) when he gets some space. I hope he can pull it together.
  8. Auburn wins 27-20 in OT. JST squanders away their win after being up 20-13, in possession of the ball, with a little over 2 minutes left. Damn. It would have been nice for everyone to forget about App State.