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  1. Kareem Walker - Running Back

    8 analysts for 247 have changed their crystal ball predictions to Michigan. The list includes... Matt Vender Steve Wiltfong - 247's Director of Recruiting Tom Loy - Notre Dame recruiting analyst Steve Lorenz - Michigan insider Alex Gleitman - OSU insider Josh Newberg - FSU insider Anthony Broome - Recruiting editor Clint Bewster - Michigan insider Looking good for Michigan!
  2. Isaac Nauta - Tight End

    Good to see we're starting these finally. Apparently Nauta almost committed during his official visit on the 17th.
  3. Chat Limits

    What's the ceiling on the number of users, and what's the idle time before kick?
  4. Source. Well, there it is. Can we please stop with the whole "PLAY MORRIS!1" thing?  
  5. Alabama and USC Both Lose

    What a great Saturday. It's too bad OSU didn't fall as well.
  6. Did anyone catch Auburn vs. Jacksonville State?

    I abandoned the very end of the Michigan game to watch it. Complete choke job. Jacksonville didn't even try to avoid OT despite having around a minute and only 30-40 yards to go to get into field goal range. Then their QB took the worst sack I've ever seen to give Auburn an undeserved win. The SEC hype train rolls on.
  7. I'm sure everyone is aware of his tweets about playing time following the Utah game (now deleted I believe). I only saw him come in for a few plays against Oregon State. It surprised me that Harbaugh put him in at all, but I'm sure he still isn't very happy with how things are going with the emergence of Smith. He seems to be 4th on the depth chart after Smith, Isaac, and Johnson.  EDIT: I was wrong, apparently he had 8 carries for 35 yards. Must have been late when I was trying to find Auburn's game.
  8. Michigan vs. Oregon State Post-Game Thread

    Defense struggled mightily early on, especially on that first TD. Honestly, the whole team had a very sloppy first quarter. As the game continued, things slowly came together. The screw-up late in the 2nd that result in the 95-yard position swing really turned the momentum of the game around; prior to that, it looked like we were going down by 10+ points. I was envisioning the headlines we'd see with an 0-2 start right before the original punt was brought back. The offensive line was playing much better by the fourth quarter. They almost looked... Good?