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  1. Kickers Quin Nordin - Word on the street was that he was going to flip to Michigan after the MSU game. Nordin's been quiet, but Sam's heard nothing to lessen his belief that Michigan is in good shape. Cornerback Michigan really likes Lavert Hill and David Long. There is a chance a safety joins the class. Chris Brown - Coming on a visit during the OSU game with his teammate Dontavius Jackson. Sam thinks his dad wants him at Michigan, but many think Texas is the favorite. Brown can play corner or safety. He's going to wait until signing day, while other corners may decide sooner. Lavert Hill - Very distinct chance that he'll be a mid-year guy, so he should be deciding sooner. David Long - Michigan is very high on his list. He's not 100% committed to Stanford, and will likely decommit. He's coming for another visit to Michigan (already had an official). Has family in Detroit. Safety Jordan Fuller - Still on Michigan's board.
  2. Class Attrition Michigan is going to have attrition this year, but nothing that Michigan doesn't expect. Some of the positions with a glut of players and those where people aren't happy with their playing time (QB and RB?) have players that are going to look around. Sam thinks that Michigan could add up to 12 guys to the recruiting class (currently 21). Attrition, gray shirts, etc. Offensive Line Sam thinks Michigan will take one more offensive lineman and that they'd like it to be a tackle. Terrance Davis - Michigan still leads despite him having offers everywhere. Mom was blown away by Michigan during her visit, and is often decked out in maize and blue gear. Jean Delance - Will be tougher to snag than Davis. Wide Receivers None of Michigan's targets are "pure speed" types, but that doesn't mean they can't be play-makers. Linebackers Ben Davis - Father was a great defensive player at Alabama. It would be an accomplishment to get him on campus (he's considering a visit), but Sam doesn't think Michigan has a good shot. Getting him out of the SEC is a long shot. Quarterback There's a lot to be determined in terms of Michigan's scholarships / ability to take a transfer. The possibility of taking Taysom Hill will be more clear after recruiting class finalizes. Don't want to upset Peters by taking another QB.
  3. Linebackers Sam thinks Michigan will try to end of up with three of: Devin Bush, Jeff Jones, Carlo Kemp, and David Reese. A shot at any of McCullough, Jackson, or Kelly are gravy. Devin Bush - Dad is a proud FSU football-team alumni, and his sister goes to FSU. Despite very strong indications that Michigan is/was in an enviable position with Devin, Sam was never comfortable discounting the FSU ties. Devin's Michigan visit checked a lot of boxes, but "the longer the team in the lead (Michigan) has to hold on to it, the more likely they are to be caught." Sam still puts Michigan out in front, but it's not a comfortable lead. Jeffrey McCulloch - Michigan is slated to get an official visit during the OSU game. Sam thinks it would be tough to pull him out of Texas. Dontavious Jackson - Sam thinks it will be tough to get him out of Texas, but he is going to take a visit at Michigan. People around his recruitment are skeptical he'll move far away from his mom. Chris Brown - No longer thought to be a package deal with Dontavious Jackson. David Reese - Visiting Florida and Texas despite being a Michigan commit. Defensive Tackles Rashan Gary, Jordan Elliot - Michigan is in great shape. Jordan Elliot - Visiting Michigan December 11th. Significant reasons to be optimistic about Michigan's chances. Keyshon Camp - Committed to USC. Might visit Michigan during OSU game with his coach. Chris Daniels - From Muskegon before moving to Texas. Won't be coming to Michigan on a visit alone; mom and grandmother will be coming with him. Grandmother leaves in Michigan still. Family reunion + official visit looks good for Michigan. Alabama, OKlahoma, Ohio State are all very high on his list. His recruitment could come to conclusion quickly.
  4. Pretty light update with just a few caller questions. Wide Receiver  Dylan Crawford - Crawford visited for the MSU game; Michigan was in terrific position following it. However, Oregon (childhood favorite) recently stepped in with an offer. Scout analyst from Oregon thinks it will be tough for Michigan to pull him away. His HS QB says it's an Oregon-Michigan battle. Ahmmon Richards - Had Michigan on his radar, but Michigan hasn't shown any interest. Keyshawn Young and Donald Stewart are recruits to keep an eye on. Stewart is lower on the board than Young or Crawford.
  5. Kareem Walker - Running Back

    November 3rd Decommits from Ohio State.
  6. WTKA Podcast Link Walk-Ons Michigan is being much more aggressive in pursing walk-on players. Michael Shuster - Described as at least a MAC-level quarterback. He could have easily had a scholarship elsewhere, but is instead walking on at Michigan. Needs to work on his arm strength. Miscellaneous Sam thinks the next commit is Carlo Kemp. He doesn't have a "gut feeling," but he feels that Michigan leads.  
  7. Not much news in this one -- just a bit of info on one recruit. WTKA Podcast Link Defensive Line Jordan Elliot - Turmoil at USC has impacted their momentum. Texas has been gaining after their win over Oklahoma. As long as Michigan continues to do well, they have a shot.
  8. WTKA Podcast Link Linebackers Caleb Kelly - Oklahoma is the leader, but Michigan's chances improved after visit. Jonathan Johns, Devin Bush - Sam feels strongly about Michigan's chances. Carlo Kemp - It's Michigan and Notre Dame. Michigan has a good shot. Offensive Line Terrance Davis - Michigan leads. Will take official visit during the Ohio State game. Will we have enough spots? Jean Delance - Michigan will get an official visit, but doesn't lead. Defensive Backs Lavert Hill - If it was anyone else, a flip to Michigan would be expected with the recent rumblings. Sam's hesitant to say so now due to all of the past rumors that didn't amount to anything. Lamar Jackson - Visited during the MSU game. USC was the favorite, but the door has opened since the turmoil there. Lavert Hill, David Long, Lamar Jackson - Michigan is in better position with Hill and Long (despite Long being a Stanford commit). Michigan could take both of Hill and Long if they committed today (maybe not later). Taking all three is unlikely.   
  9. Profile 247 Composite 247 Rivals Scout ESPN Stars ***** ***** ***** **** ***** Rating 0.9939 98 6.1 N/A 91 Rank 10 11 18 26 10 HUDL Highlights   October 27th WTKA Podcast - Sam Webb gives Michigan a 50/50 shot.
  10. Profile 247 Composite 247 Rivals Scout ESPN Stars **** **** ***** ***** **** Rating 0.9818 94 6.1 N/A 87 Rank 31 117 21 25 31 HUDL Highlights   October 27 WTKA Podcast - Walker maintains he's committed to Ohio State. Sam Webb thinks Michigan still has a shot (50/50), but that people should temper their excitement.
  11. Rashan Gary - Defensive Tackle

    October 27th Sam Webb puts Michigan at a 75% chance to get Rashan Gary. October 28th Rashan Gary blogs in USA Today. IMG game...  
  12. This topic will be the place for all news regarding Gary. Profile 247 Composite 247 Rivals Scout ESPN Stars ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Rating 0.9999 101 6.1 N/A 94 Rank 1 1 2 1 1 HUDL Highlights
  13. Chat Limits

    The current user limit is 50. The idle time before kick varies. During games I set it around 20-60 minutes depending on the number of people trying to enter. Right now it's at 30.
  14. It won't ever end. I don't understand why people think the coaches would deliberately start the lesser QB... Apparently they know more than Jim Harbaugh?
  15. Michigan wins 28-7.  The second half was discouraging. We're going to have to finish much better against BYU to pull it out.