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11/20/15 WTKA Recruiting Roundup

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Class Attrition

  • Michigan is going to have attrition this year, but nothing that Michigan doesn't expect.
  • Some of the positions with a glut of players and those where people aren't happy with their playing time (QB and RB?) have players that are going to look around.
  • Sam thinks that Michigan could add up to 12 guys to the recruiting class (currently 21). Attrition, gray shirts, etc.

Offensive Line

  • Sam thinks Michigan will take one more offensive lineman and that they'd like it to be a tackle.
  • Terrance Davis - Michigan still leads despite him having offers everywhere. Mom was blown away by Michigan during her visit, and is often decked out in maize and blue gear.
  • Jean Delance - Will be tougher to snag than Davis.

Wide Receivers

  • None of Michigan's targets are "pure speed" types, but that doesn't mean they can't be play-makers.


  • Ben Davis - Father was a great defensive player at Alabama. It would be an accomplishment to get him on campus (he's considering a visit), but Sam doesn't think Michigan has a good shot. Getting him out of the SEC is a long shot.


  • There's a lot to be determined in terms of Michigan's scholarships / ability to take a transfer. The possibility of taking Taysom Hill will be more clear after recruiting class finalizes. Don't want to upset Peters by taking another QB.

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