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10/28/15 WTKA Recruiting Roundup

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  • Caleb Kelly - Oklahoma is the leader, but Michigan's chances improved after visit.
  • Jonathan Johns, Devin Bush - Sam feels strongly about Michigan's chances.
  • Carlo Kemp - It's Michigan and Notre Dame. Michigan has a good shot.

Offensive Line

  • Terrance Davis - Michigan leads. Will take official visit during the Ohio State game. Will we have enough spots?
  • Jean Delance - Michigan will get an official visit, but doesn't lead.

Defensive Backs

  • Lavert Hill - If it was anyone else, a flip to Michigan would be expected with the recent rumblings. Sam's hesitant to say so now due to all of the past rumors that didn't amount to anything.
  • Lamar Jackson - Visited during the MSU game. USC was the favorite, but the door has opened since the turmoil there.

Lavert Hill, David Long, Lamar Jackson - Michigan is in better position with Hill and Long (despite Long being a Stanford commit). Michigan could take both of Hill and Long if they committed today (maybe not later). Taking all three is unlikely. 



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